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Secure Virtual Office comes in several vesions.

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MS Office 2003





A Hosted Office offers MS Office 2003 hosted in a data centre. Instead of accessing your applications on your desktop computer you access applications running on our servers. The great thing is that feel like they are running on your desktop.

Microsoft Office is the most popular Office productivity application in the world. However the job of managing software licenses, and upgrading of computer hardware every few years makes it difficult for some companies to manage.

SecureVirtualOffice, as an Application Service Provider can provide you with Office 2003 on a monthly subscription. Instead of buying a license for each of your computers, you simply pay a small monthly fee, this means your costs can scale as you needs require and there is no upfront cost.

You access your applications over the internet so you can access them form anywhere you have an internet connection – whenever you want. All your data is stored securely on our servers which we backup daily so you can e-mail and access your data, safely and securely.

If you are using one of the earlier Microsoft products perhaps it is time to consider upgrading to Microsoft Office 2003? Office has evolved from a suite of personal productivity products to a more comprehensive and integrated system. The Microsoft Office System builds on the familiar tools that many people already know and has been designed to work together to help address a broad array of business problems.

Ms Office helps provide business users with better access to information. This helps them gain deeper insights and take more effective action. Companies using office are better able to anticipate, manage, and respond to changes in the marketplace. MS Office enables teams and organizations to work together with speed and agility. The bottom line is that MS office improves individual productivity and enables more business users to contribute in increasingly demanding environments.

Office 2003 is the successor to Microsoft Office XP, and is the cornerstone of the Microsoft Office System. Applications include:

Excel 2003

Microsoft Office Excel 2003, the Office spreadsheet program, includes support for XML and new features that make it easier to analyse and share information. You can define a portion of a spreadsheet as a list and export it to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web site. Smart tags in Excel 2003 are more flexible than in Office XP, and enhancements to statistical functions enable you to better analyse information.

Outlook 2003

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is the Office personal information manager and communication program. Outlook 2003 provides a unified place to manage e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other personal and team information. Key enhancements in Outlook 2003—such as the new cached mode, automatic grouping of messages, junk mail handling, and improved reading views—dramatically improve the way you organize and manage information, and improve performance and user connectivity.

PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, the Office presentation graphics program, allows you to create an impact in person or online. With improvements to the user interface and support for Smart Tags, PowerPoint 2003 makes it easier to view and create presentations. Multimedia support in PowerPoint 2003 is also improved. You can easily save PowerPoint 2003 files to a CD, and integration with Microsoft Windows Media® Player allows you to play streaming audio and video within a slide show.

Word 2003

Microsoft Office Word 2003 is the Office word processor. In response to customer feedback, Word 2003 offers new features to make documents easier to create, share, and read. The review and markup features have been enhanced to address the many ways that you can track changes and manage comments. Word 2003 also supports XML as a file format and serves as a fully functional XML editor. In addition, you can use Word 2003 to save and open XML files to integrate with key business data in your organization.

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