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Secure CRM supports several packages.

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With ACT! Online you can help your company become more productive and sell more by serving your exiting customers better. With a hosted online solution you can be in the same office on the road or anywhere in the country with an internet connection.

By using Secure ACT! Online, your entire company can access, update, and share complete customer information in real-time using. You don’t have to worry about installing ACT! Software on your desktop PCs or laptops. You don’t have to set up a server or worry about database synchronization or how remote users will access your CRM system.

Online or Hosted ACT! delivers ACT! to your computer. Its runs on our servers but it will feel like it is installed and running on your computer. If you are used to using ACT! you will need no training.

Benefits of Secure Virtual Offices Secure ACT! includes:

  • Access to real-time information from anywhere without DB synchronization!
    Low monthly per user fee
  • All data is held on our secure server in our data centre
  • We can administer ACT! centrally for you so you save IT support costs
  • It really is ACT! Not a cut down web based HTML version of ACT! Its fully functional and works with all the add-ons
  • You can add and remove users easily
  • Run targeted personalized HTML email campaigns.
  • Enjoy powerful, easy-to-use contact management over the Web
  • Advanced search capabilities get you to the specific contact information you need in seconds. Find anyone or any detail – instantly
  • Achieve your sales goals
  • Use the built-in forecasting and reporting tools to manage your sales activity
  • Use daily, weekly and monthly calendars to manage your schedule and coordinate your companies efforts
  • Use tasks lists to manage and prioritise campaigns to achieve your goals.
  • Use powerful reports to analyse sales data, run activity reports, examine relationship histories, and more.
  • Create automated personalized correspondence to communicate with your customers in a professional manor
  • Fine grained user management – employees can only access what they are given rights to see.
  • Customize the functionality CRM system with wizards to add one click functionality for common tasks
  • Customise the look and feel of the CMS system, add your own corporate branding, and add or remove buttons and menus from screens

You can start using ACT! Online today. Secure Virtual Office can provide you with a the hassle free way to start using a CRM system or to allow external users to access your CRM system.

For more information on choosing the right CRM solution for your company read selecting a CRM system.



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