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Propalms TSE (Terminal Services Edition) works with Windows Terminal Services and provides seamless application publication over the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Propalm TSE incorporates load balancing and enhanced security management features allows small-to-medium business’s to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Propalms TSE helps your business save time, money and resources. End users can run their applications from wherever and whenever they want. If a user is experiencing difficulties in accessing applications from a central server, then with Terminal Services Edition software, the IT department can be even more responsive and efficient in getting the user up and running again.

The most impressive feature is that end users can not even tell that the applications are not running on their own PC. Business productivity increases as there is no time wasted with viruses. No time is lost with installing new versions of applications software on many machines – the central server farm is updated and new versions of applications are seamlessly published to the end user. Your business’s vital data is safe. It stays in a central location where it is readily backed up.

Often companies would move their desktop applications into a data centre to get just one of the benefits below. In practice most companies can enjoy the advantage of all the benefits listed:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Safety
  • Cost


Serving applications from a central data centre is intrinsically more secure. Business benefits include physical security – protection against fire, floods and theft. Businesses also get digital security as all data can be encrypted. Its easier to protect data centres rather than end user PCs from being compromised as it is much easier to lock a few servers down as opposed to 100s of end user machines.

Propalms TSE builds on Active Directory and applications are published only to the users that have been granted access.


Accessing a server farm in a data centre will give your end users more uptime. Less time is spent on maintaining a few servers in a server farm than it is on 100 desktops. In a data centre with fail over load balancing and performance monitoring you can achieve zero downtime for your critical applications. Propalms TSE can constantly monitor the health of all servers and report on the level of the server/application usage in the system.


In a data centre it is easier to keep your business critical data safe. This is because it is simpler to manage the backup of a few powerful machines than 100s of end user PCs. Your data is safe. By using TSE to server your applications businesses are easily able to satisfy a large part of their disaster recovery needs.


At first glance it appears to be a large commitment to move your applications from a desktop to a server farm on a remote data centre. In fact, a recent report by the Gartner group showed that the total cost of ownership over 3 years was 35% cheaper with a server using windows based terminal services compared with a typical windows XP desktop and management server environment. A lot of this saving is because its takes less time to look after a few servers in a server farm than it does to manage dozens of desk top PCs – the environment is much more controlled and the servers are usually carefully maintained by experts.

If you would like to know how you can start to use Propalms TSE read How To Rollout Propalms TSE.

SecureVirtualOffice is a Propalm Partner, read the press release.



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