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VERITAS Backup Exec™ 10 for Windows Servers is the Gold Standard in Windows Data Protection providing comprehensive, cost-effective, and certified backup and recovery - including the fastest disk-based recovery. Secure Virtual Office has selected VERITAS Backup Exec™ 10 because it offers comprehensive and flexible data protection.

Secure Virtual Office selected VERITAS Backup Exec™ 10 because of ease of use through a central management console, its ability to scale across several server clusters and using remote agents to provide off site backup for desktops, notebooks and remote servers.

Independent bench tests have demonstrated that disk to disk backup and recovery are both faster and more reliable than even multiplexed tape backup solutions. The Backup Exec software architecture is designed to minimize network traffic and maximize throughput performance. Secure Virtual Office is able to pass these benefits on to you through our competitive pricing of all our services and provide tangible benefits that include:

•  Improved application availability

•  Reduced backup windows

•  Improved recovery times

To view the independent report on the fastest disk-based recovery, please click here.




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