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Many of our clients use a Flightdeck CRM in addition to their other hosted applications. We like and recomend Flightdeck CRM as its one of the best CRMs in terms of quality and it offers outstanding value for money.

Flightdeck is a powerful CRM system which enables you to keep track of all that goes on in your organisation, putting you in complete control.

It brings together all relevant information from across your business - such as what you do for your customers, how you market and sell to them, how you provide service or customer support, what contracts you have in place with them, financial information and so on.

This can have a huge impact on sales revenues, customer loyalty, internal communication, operational costs, business reputation and, of course, profitability.

Flightdeck will allow multiple users to share information so they can work effectively in a streamlined and co-ordinated manner. The team will be fully armed with all the information they need in the right place at the right time and they have total control over how the information is presented.

As your products and services evolve over time, Flight deck will follow. It allows you to change and create new information, views and analysis as frequently as you like thus ensuring that your CRM system is always as up to date and fresh as the business you are developing.

We have selected Flightdeck CRM because it is easy to customise, and we have developed templates for accoutants, solicitors and franchise businesses.

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