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15th November 2005

Press Release: SVO Signs Propalm Alliance Partnership

Gloucestershire based Secure Virtual Office has chalked up another milestone in its launch strategy by signing an Alliance agreement with Propalms, a security software company that is experienced in delivering server based computing solutions. In July 2005, Propalms secured the worldwide exclusive distribution and source code rights for Tarantella Secure Global Desktop™ Terminal Services Edition (TSE) software.

Secure Virtual Office has adopted TSE as its Windows front end interface to Microsoft Office Terminal Services, to provide enhanced security and load balancing options to run hosted applications in its data centre facilities. Secure Virtual Office offers applications including MS Office, MS Exchange, a Windows based accounting package of the users choice, ACT! CRM and MS SharePoint.

Secure Virtual Office Managing Director, Bill Duncan, told us,

“Propalms TSE provides a number of benefits over Microsoft TS including application publishing, seamless windows, a web interface, load balancing, a DMZ relay server, desktop lockdown control, and client printer sharing. These are really great features and make our administrative task easier and enhance security. It also makes the user experience a lot smoother and more natural. We aim to give the user the same look and feel as his normal desk-top but with all the advantages of running on secure high speed servers located in a physically and electronically secure data centre. On top of that we provide technical support 24 x 7 and every user has his documents backed up every 24 hours. He can send and receive e-mails and carry out important activities across the Internet. The only time the user needs to download data is if he wants to print some documents locally. Propalms TSE makes that a simple and secure exercise.”

Secure Virtual Office has been launched to provide secure office applications for SME proprietors and their staff. The concept is to banish the fear of computer crashes, virus infections, identity fraud and the plain old fashioned risks of ‘fire, flood and burglary’. “I am an enthusiast”, says Jonathan Charles, Director of Cheltenham based ICT solutions developer FastDev Ltd. “I like to get on and develop high grade solutions for my clients. The problem is that some of them do not have sufficient resilience in their IT infrastructure and I am being bedevilled by low level support calls. This just simply would not happen if they were in a secure data centre environment, where technical support was continuously available.”

Propalms Managing Director, Owen Dukes is equally enthusiastic. “Following hard on the heels of our acquisition of Secure Global Desktop, Terminal services Edition from Tarantella, we are delighted to embrace our first new UK Alliance Partnership with Secure Virtual Office. The future is server and Web based computing using affordable thin client TSE facilities to minimise bandwidth traffic and improve security and administration. Secure Virtual Office has a clear idea of the benefits they deliver and we are delighted to help them bring those benefits to a new market segment. Normally, small and medium size companies are last in line to benefit from new technology development. On this occasion we are delighted to help Secure Virtual Office bring corporate standard ICT facilities into the hosted solutions arena that is affordable for multiple branch organisations that want to consolidate their operations down to even the smallest of organisations and ‘start ups’.”


About Propalms Ltd

Propalms Ltd is a security software company that has extensive experience in the purchase of world wide exclusive licenses and the ownership of IP, to enhance the value of security software for distributors, and provide quality support for a broad range of customers. Propalms works with VARs and ISVs nationally and internationally enabling Propalms to innovatively enhance channel distribution, providing suppliers and customers with a better way of doing business. Founded in 1991, Propalms is a private company headquartered in Malton, North Yorkshire.

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About Secure Virtual Office

Secure Virtual Office offers hosted access to MS Office Applications and an accounting package of your choice. This is achieved by running MS Terminal Services over a fully encrypted VPN connection through a browser running on your PC. The applications run on high speed servers housed in an electronically and physically secure Data Centre in London’s Docklands. The advantage is that in return for a monthly subscription you are always able run the latest release of the applications and you are protected from viruses and intrusion attacks. Your documents and data files are always available, secure and backed-up daily and there is on site technical support 24 x 7. This facility is now further enhanced by Propalms TSE which provides application publishing, seamless windows, a web interface, load balancing, a DMZ relay server, desktop lockdown control, and client printer sharing.

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Our vision is to help you create innovative solutions and add value to your business.


About FastDev Ltd

FastDev brings high tech, low cost software and IT solutions to the small to medium sized business. We tailor solutions that fit your needs without incurring the cost of expensive IT consultancies or full time technical staff. FastDev deals with systems development, integration, networking and web applications. We have specific expertise in developing on the Microsoft platform and are registered Sage and ACT! developers. We draw from a broad range of experience developing software solutions for both large and small companies from major Blue Chips to small locally based businesses. Our expertise in Windows applications, web development, integration and migration makes us well positioned to help businesses leverage their existing systems and integrate with new technologies and ways of doing things .

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