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The offers

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The Basic Offer

The entry point solution is the Secure Virtual Office and this comprises the standard MS Office Suite including Outlook and professional standard e-mail services running on Exchange Server, all provided through a secure data centre.

The Enhanced Offer

This is available only to Clients introduced or accepted by an approved Financial Services provider who will recommend/install an appropriate accounting package approved by both the client and the data centre.  This enhanced service is the Secure Finance Director. At its basic level it provides hosted access to the selected accounting package but more typically it will also include access to the MS Office applications including MS Outlook and e-mail services provided by MS Exchange Server.

Usually the accounting application, together with all relevant data files, will be transported from the client’s PC and installed on the hosted server within the secure data centre.  Frequently this will be preceded by upgrading the Client’s software to the latest version and checking that legacy data files are loaded correctly.

There are two routes to accessing this service:

  • If your client’s Auditor/Accounting Services provider is not already registered as a user with Secure Virtual Office then they can apply to become registered at
  • Your client can register as a user of Secure Virtual Office at and ask for a list of registered Auditors/Accounting Services providers in their area.
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