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Product Overview 2 (Other Products)

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Secure Blackberry

  • Uses push technology to keep you in touch while on the move
  • You can send, receive, read and reply to e-mails and their attachments
  • Set filters to control the number and source of e-mails you want to receive
  • As well as e-mail, Blackberry devices will allow users to make and receive phonecalls, text messages and alerts.
  • It will also synchronise with your calendar, address book, memo pad and task list
  • From £25/month

Secure Folders

  • uses Veritas Backup Exec 10 D to backup all your data
  • accidentally delete or corrupt a file then search your remote storage location and download a replacement copy
  • designed for self use and independent of IT specialist support
  • use this technology to recover from catastrophic disk failure, rebuild data files onto a new server, rebuild a stolen or lost lap top
  • use this solution to resynchronise your laptop or PDA when you return to the office
  • From £7.49/month/GB

Secure Business Continuity

  • last year 67% of UK companies suffered a virus attack
  • one in five incidents caused disruption lasting more than a week
  • 80% of companies suffering this type of disaster do not survive the following 18 months
  • running your applications and storing your data in a well managed data centre automatically achieves 80% of the checklist of requirements to meet BS7799 Information Security and PAS 56 Business Continuity Guidelines.
  • FREE with which ever Secure Virtual Office service you choose.

SVO Thin Client Devices

  • Secure Virtual Office recommends the use of Chip PC Thin Client devices
  • the ultimate get up and go solution
  • no moving parts so will last for years
  • no local storage of data so can never be compromised
  • Chip PC has a policy of providing free downloads and plug ins that keep your thin client device always able to use the latest technology
  • Entry level devices available from £230
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